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Time for a little break? Grab a coffee and spend a few minutes with these YouTube videos: they’re a great way to get energized, inspired, and ready to tackle whatever else your day has in store.

Here are our must-watch picks for when…

…you’re just starting out

Check out Rod Santomassimo and Bo Barron’s webinar for great advice on how beginning brokers should spend their time  (start at 20:18 for the answer).

…you want a quick dose of wisdom

Catch Allen Buchanan’s video on the Worst cold call question…EVER! Can you guess what it is?

…you’re looking for something inspiring and in-depth


Listen to the Commercial Real Estate Show’s interview with Rod Santomassimo of The Massimo Group. He covers everything from prospecting to producing results.

…you need a reason to make another call

Stephen Schiffman shares what the worst salesperson taught him about selling—and it’s the perfect thing to remember when you pick up the phone to call prospects.

…you need a fresh way to reach prospects

We love how Gratis Commercial Leasing Advisors educate potential clients with this Tenant Captivity video. Notice how this video is all about the prospect and what they care about—and not about making a hard sell.

…you have to “win” a negotiation

Todd Rainsberger shows you how to “win-win” negotiations in his video Commercial Real Estate Negotiating Made Easy.

…you need a better way of doing things

Brian Tracy talks about the Daily Habits of Successful People, from  organizing your day to maintaining your energy.

…you could use a little laugh

Check out Washington Business Journal’s 3-part series on Sh*t Commercial Real Estate People Say. (Here’s where to find Part 2 and Part 3).

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