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brandBy Glenn Romanelli, Guest Columnist

When a company moves, there are certainly a lot of things that need to get done. So much so that the last thing many owners want to think about is marketing, however, a company move can provide the perfect opportunity for a company or organization to re-brand itself or do some well-timed marketing.

Let People Know Why You’re Moving

When a company moves, there is usually a transformative reason as to why. Your company may be expanding into new markets or developing new products. You may be hiring more staff to better service a growing client or customer base. You may have been acquired by or merging with another company or firm. No matter what the reason, the dynamic of your company is changing. Sending an appropriately designed direct mail piece, email announcement, or add in a local newspaper not only serves to remind your existing client base of who you are, but also give them your new address and contact information. It can also announce to them the “whys” behind your move, which can trigger some interest in your new offerings or capabilities.

Meet The New Neighbors with an Open House

A direct mail announcement, email blast, or local ad can also be an excellent marketing tactic to start meeting and networking with your new corporate neighbors. Schedule an open house at your new office location on a date after you feel you and your employees will be settled in. Most direct mail companies can provide you with a list of companies in your area to which you can send this invitation. Aside from cocktails and refreshments, you can also provide a demonstration of some of your products or services, or just get some old-fashioned networking done. Make sure you also notify the local press of your open house around two to three weeks before the event as they give you some free publicity. Don’t forget to announce the move and open house on your firm’s website and social media outlets, too.

New Office, New Beginnings, New Brand

If you have been thinking about a redesign of your logo or marketing materials, a company move can be the right catalyst to solidify that decision. The change in address and phone numbers is going to require that your website be updated and that all business cards, and printed collateral be re-printed anyway, so it could be the perfect opportunity to make a change.

If your move signifies a major alteration in how you will be doing business going forward, it may also be a good time to re-brand your company. If you’re offering new products or services that coincide with your move, it may be possible that your old company name, logo, or other marketing materials do not fit your company any more. Consult with your marketing department, or outside marketing agency, to discuss how the changes in your company may be impacting your brand, and decide on the appropriate updates or re-designs that may need to take place.

Even if your company isn’t undergoing a major restructure, a move can still provide a fresh start for you, your customer base, and your employees. You can emphasize this new beginning with a re-brand. The re-brand can be used as a reason to speak to new or existing customers, as well as to energize current employees that the company is poised for new and exciting growth and change.

Create Some Buzz With A Little Mystery

If you’re moving into a new building or a space with visible exterior signage, why not create a little buzz by this simple tactic that will have local residents, businesses, and possibly even the press, buzzing. If your new building manager is amenable, put a large removable banner over your company’s new signage that simply reads “TOP SECRET.” Anyone who sees this banner is certainly going to talk about it and see if anyone they know has any information what is going on. Once your company moves in, and the new signage is revealed, everyone will certainly take notice of their new neighbors.

You can also have your web developer put a countdown clock on the top of your home page that is ticking down to the date that you are moving into your new space with the simple message of “COMING SOON” and to come back to the website on a specific future date. You could even solicit visitors for their email addresses and tell them you will email them the “big announcement” when it is ready for public view.

glennGlenn Romanelli is the president and creative director of Lighthaus Design, a marketing and branding agency located in Smithtown, New York. Lighthaus Design helps its clients by developing cutting edge strategic marketing plans, websites, and digital marketing solutions that get results. Glenn can be reached at [email protected], 631-240-6315.

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