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Just about every website owner has found themselves wondering why their Google rankings aren’t as high as expected. You may be one of those who are trying to figure out why their website isn’t ranking well. You may be getting a little website traffic and you may have even implemented SEO tactics in your marketing strategy. So, why is your website on the second, third or even fourth page of Google’s search results? This blog post will help you figure out the answer to that question.

Low-Quality Content

Google will penalize websites by lowering their search result rankings if the website is of low-quality. Google has developed an algorithm that detects whether or not a human will enjoy what they see on a website. Make sure you are only publishing content you would read, even if you competitive keywordshad not published the content yourself. Your content doesn’t have to be the best of the best for Google to rank your website, but do put in some effort when publishing content.

Using Highly Competitive Keywords

If you run your own website, you’ve hopefully heard of the marketing tactic called search engine optimization, or “SEO” for short. Practicing SEO is a great way to improve your rankings on search engines like Google. You may be trying to practice on-site SEO by using keywords that are searched for frequently but not checking the competitiveness of those keywords. Doing this may be the cause of your extremely low search result rankings. When a keyword is highly competitive, that is a good sign there are many other websites that dominate the rankings for that keyword. Especially when you’re first starting to create content, you don’t want to be trying to compete with the most popular websites in your industry. This is why you need to be checking the competitiveness of the keywords you’re using in your content. If you really want to use highly competitive keywords in your content, you still can! Just don’t expect to rank highly in Google’s search results right away.

You’re Not Getting Enough Traffic to Compete

You may assume this is not your problem because you see that your website is in fact getting traffic. The real problem could be that you aren’t getting enough traffic to your website. When competing for rankings, one of the factors that Google considers is how much traffic each website is getting. The more traffic you get, and the more people engage with your website, the more highly Google will think of your website. That’s one reason you should make your website interesting and engaging for your visitors.

backlinks impact why your google rankings aren't goodNot Using Backlinks

Google’s algorithm loves when people use high-quality backlinks on their website. This shows Google your website is of high-quality when it includes links to other high-quality websites. If you have a website that regularly publishes content, try to include both links to other websites and to other pages on your website. Aim to create at least one backlink to your website in each piece of content if possible. Make sure you don’t overdo these links, because Google may penalize you for having too many backlinks on one page. Also, make sure you are only linking to high-quality websites, as they will help to boost your ranking. Linking to a poor-quality website can hurt you.

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You Have Practiced Blackhat SEO Tactics

Blackhat SEO tactics are generally frowned upon or are unethical. There is a chance you are practicing one of these tactics on your website without even knowing it’s frowned upon! Google penalizes and is very strict with websites that practice these tactics. Make sure you aren’t practicing them when trying to improve your Google rankings. It’s better to be safe than sorry and double check that you aren’t partaking in any blackhat SEO tactics.

Google Hasn’t Indexed Your Website Yet

There are many different reasons Google’s algorithm may decide not to index a website. Luckily, Google allows users to ask them to recrawl their websites. Although this option may take a few weeks to show results, it will surely help your website show back up in searches on Google.

There are multiple reasons why your website’s Google rankings may be down. Luckily, the reasons mentioned above can be easily fixed. If you have any questions about how to improve your rankings on Google, please fill out the form below so we can contact you!

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