Every member of theBrokerList is given a text box that contains 4,096 characters. Many of those text boxes say “Coming Soon” but nothing is filled in. It is really like being given a FREE billboard to promote your company on a super highway and leaving it blank. Why not fashion your “My Pitch” box to your advantage.

The vision of “My Pitch” was to really make a pitch about what is vital or most important, like a “pitch” should be. When you go into the Control Panel of your profile, the icon below is a powerful online and fully searchable box. What content you add to that text box can help you to be found online.

Examples of how to set up an optimized my pitch text box. This is merely an example. Many of you have great pitches already, but many say “Coming Soon” or are blank. This post is for those who cannot find the right words or format for their individual or Company background information.

Client Expertise: Walmart, Target, Jimmy Johns, Starbucks

Claim to Fame: Redevelopment of ABC Tower, Lease-up of XYZ Retail Center, President of Local CCIM Chapter

Why You Should Hire or Partner With Me?: Diligent, get the job done, positive attitude, organized, etc.

Referral Terms: 20% referral paid on……or whatever you like to offer to other brokers or firms. If you are a property manager, it may be the first month’s management fee, etc.

Testimonials: List a few of your top clients’ feedback or testimonials here. Grab them from LinkedIn or your website. Not sure how to do it? Let us help you out! Just ask we are all over with html samples and ideas. Remember, you can use some basic html in this box!!

LinkedIn Groups Managed: theBrokerList, CPM and CPM Candidates, Property and Facility Management Innovators, Rooftop Gardening.

Articles Published: The Greening of Property Management, Tech in Check

This box is your box to give it your best shot! Why on earth would you want it blank? If you need help because it is difficult for you to write about yourself, give us a call. Maybe we can give you some ideas. Sometimes it is easier for someone else to pump you up and tell you how great you are or what they see as the positive attributes, but for goodness sake, do not leave your “Pitch” blank!

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