What is soft launch? It is a time period when a small amount of leaders and early adopters are invited to test a product, before the masses are invited. Folks are asked to try features with the hopes of identifying issues that can be experienced due to so many variables.


Why are there so many variables?

Internet Speeds
Operating Systems
Browsers Types
Human Error
File Types
File Sizes
Coding Issues
Typographical Errors

Those are just a few of the issues that can be found. Now when you couple the above issues with a variety of combinations, you get a whole lot of trial and error testing. Without the soft launch, the full launch can be overwhelming.

Our team thanks all of those who are leaders and early adopters in this important step of our project. It is your help that we will not forget so early in our project. If you ever need anything from us, just call and we will do our best to help you in return for this huge favor. You will not be forgotten! Thanks for all of the support from our leaders of theBrokerList.


~theBrokerList Team


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