A few members of theBrokerList are participating in a competition to get votes. Sounds crazy, but it is a great way to give your social media accounts some traction. It also provides a new avenue to exposing your firm to potentially millions of people, depending on your reach and network size. It is also a great exercise for the marketing staff and your team in how to push your firm as a group and create a bond with everyone to pull together to win! The concept is a win-win as a company-wide promotional event that everyone can participate in!

The concept is that the BizJournal is selling advertising and the advertisers are gaining tremendous exposure for the traffic that these firms bring in. The competition is fun, light-hearted and big business all wrapped up in one.

We are proud to say that 2 of our members have reached out to us for support. It would be so very awesome to have a CRE firm win this competition. The nice thing is that the competition is broken down by size, so GoDaddy, for instance is not going head to head with a small firm!

Vote for De Rito Partners (Largest Team List on tBL!) and GPE Companies by clicking here. Congratulations to these firms for stepping out there and trying something new and challenging! It is a great way to build team spirit, both for their firms and our entire industry! We all need a boost every once and a while.

Please vote and vote often to help put CRE on top of this #socialmadness!

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