We are so thrilled to have you, but we verify each member manually. We need the URL to your company website, your full name and the state you are licensed in and/or a LinkedIn profile. If you are licensed outside of the address you are showing, just send us an email so we can check the correct state.

If you are a member of an organization AND we can verify that, great, but be sure to select the affiliation in the drop-down box inside the Profile of Control Panel. Our goal is to simply insure our members are actively engaged in the business of commercial real estate and commercial real estate investments or ownership! Yes, building owners are welcome, so long as we can verify it. Members of associations are welcome too, again, if we can verify it!

That is how we roll in here!! Boy, we want you, but if you are not a real person (spammers not welcome) we have to delete the profiles to keep our database current, clean and quality.

We have to ask for this stuff or else our database would be “garbage in” and that is not an option. Feel free to send us your staff list and we can verify against that too!


~theBrokerList Team

8 years ago How To Use theBrokerList 99
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