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Using Social Media to Achieve Greater Success as a Real Estate Professional

Social media is not to be feared, but embraced. Social media is an effective marketing tool that is just as important as the one-on-one time you spend building relationships with existing and potential clients, as well as other professionals in the industry.

With social media, you have a better opportunity to connect with people, which in turn boosts overall marketing efforts. Through various social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and many others, you can build trust while getting word out about your real estate business.


Facebook is not only for connecting with family members and friends. This social media site is a vital marketing tool for the real estate industry. What makes Facebook so unique is that it offers word-of-mouth marketing online. Instead of using your personal page, you want to set up a separate Facebook page specifically for your real estate business.

As part of that page, include information and photos for your own neighborhood. This makes the listings more personalized and also shows passion for what you do, while marketing specific properties currently listed. It is also important that you use high-quality images and share information about different events within that community. Always be open to questions and take the time to engage with people.

Facebook is not only for connecting with family members and friends. Click To Tweet

Of course, the greatest benefit of using a Facebook page is that you have a dedicated place for posting all your listings. With one click, people gain access to information about many properties, along with photographs. For a greater visual impact, consider including short videos that highlight some of the distinguished features of each home.


Twitter is also an excellent avenue for building a more successful real estate business. Although the marketing concept remains much the same as on Facebook, this social media site is very different, so the strategy is unique. On Twitter, you can draw people in by posting helpful tips about things like packing and moving, staging a home, landscaping on a budget, do-it-yourself home improvements, and so on.

However, you can also tweet about local news, especially anything positive. It is important to tweet questions, which gives you the chance to provide answers while marketing a particular home. In addition, never forget to use relevant hashtags, which help more people see your tweets.

With Twitter never forget to use relevant hashtags. Click To Tweet

As with Facebook, you want to use Twitter for disseminating information about listings. For this, use the golden 80/20 rule, meaning that 80 percent of the content is about lifestyle while the other 20 percent is about the actual listing. Time and time again, this rule has proven to work successfully. You can use the different social media platforms following the same marketing ideology. Simply make adjustments according to how each site performs.

As you can see, the content posted on social medial platforms is critical to your success. If you need assistance in creating something powerful and compelling, we invite you to rely on our professional writing team at The News Funnel.

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