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Although having a professional website is critical, in reality there is no guarantee that a high volume of traffic and good leads will equate to the success of your real estate business. A lead generation campaign that actually produces business is comprised of more than just an outstanding website.

With the right content marketing strategy, you can nurture real estate leads that take your real estate company to the next level. Lead nurturing involves three primary strategies, including traffic generation, lead generation, and lead nurturing.

  • Traffic Generation Campaign—In this case, the goal is to get people to visit your website. This is accomplished using a variety of means such as social media, referrals, search engine optimization, advertising, and even word of mouth.

  • Lead Generation Campaign—For this, the focus is on optimizing conversion for people who visit your site. In addition, calls to action are used and tested as a way of producing an even greater volume of leads.

  • Lead Nurturing Campaign—The third strategy is a system that allows continuing conversion of taking a potential client from the initial contact to someone who is willing to purchase the product or service that you sell. The best option for converting a lead at a future date is by providing use information while also keeping your name/brand before potential clients.

For content marketing to be effective, information must be relevant. As a real estate professional, you deal with many different people within the industry, including buyers, sellers, brokers, agents, investors, developers, contractors, and so on. Based on the targeted audience, these individuals look for information via a website or blog that is both useful and beneficial. When you’re creating content, be sure to keep this in mind.

To use content marketing for nurturing and converting real estate leads, consider the following.

  • Social Media—Remember that consumers get information from a variety of sources, with social media being at the top of the list. For this reason, spend quality time creating solid profiles on many different platforms. Be sure that you identify your brand through high-quality photos and videos, and also provide people with your current contact information. Social media should also answer questions posed by potential customers.

  • Blogs—When searching for homes to buy, roughly 90 percent of people use the Internet. Both personal and business blogs are an excellent way to nurture your real estate leads. Again, content must be relevant but also interesting. With blogs, you can entice people to read about the industry, learn about your real estate business, or show interest in a specific property listed on the market.

When marketing with blogs, it is important to focus on your niche, being the real estate business. By posting a combination of personal and business blogs, you become a real person, someone that buyers and sellers connect with on a more intimate level. If you need assistance in coming up with compelling blog content or actual writing help, we invite you to visit us at The News Funnel.

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