This blog post was written because as an organization trying to do outreach to a large group of people, it sure would be nice to use Twitter! The problem is the majority of cre members on theBrokerList, have not provided the link to their Twitter site in their profile.

NEWS FLASH: If you have a Twitter site use it. If you do not have a Twitter site, it is a good idea to snag one, especially because the custom URL names get gobbled up quickly and you should snag your name, even if you do not plan to use it right away.  The bummer is that we are trying to use Twitter to promote our members and follow their sites. But because so few have added their Twitter site to their profile, we really cannot maximize the power of it.

I am really trying to figure this out. Is it just that people are not adding the Twitter URL to their website tab inside their profile, or is it true that the CRE industry has not yet discovered Twitter? 

For those who have just failed to add the URL, go to Control Panel, Profile button and the Website tab and add your URL pronto. See image below.

For those who have not been told what Twitter is really about, read this below:

A Description of Twitter for the CRE Industry —-

To put this quite simply, Twitter drives traffic to whatever you are doing. That is the exact function it serves.

Look at it like this. You put a sign on your property that says FOR LEASE or FOR SALE.  Now with Twitter you have installed a super highway! Today your signs are your blog, website, Facebook, theBrokerList profile, etc. You can have unlimited signs! But, you still need to drive traffic past all of your signs in some way, hence Twitter!! Twitter is the internet drive-by traffic, super-highway. 

It brings many drive-by visitors and has benefits like—

~it is free

~easy to set up


~communication tool

Today the majority of your customers are using internet search, including Twitter to find what they need. As a service provider and marketing expert for those properties in your charge, Twitter should be on your checklist of “Must have” tools or resources for those reasons.

Now, just so you know, this is what a Twitter URL link looks like —-  or @yoursitename Many just say Twitter @yoursitename and skip the longer URL.

Feel free to set your Twitter site up and consider following some of the below cre folks as a start. Feel free to follow our site too —- Just remember, you are not alone in learning this stuff and do not panic as it can be brain numbing. Once the numbness wears off, just ask for help or send an email with a question to us and we will do our best to help you or point you in the right direction.

When you set up your Twitter site, it is strongly suggested that you match the name with either your personal name or your company or your domain name of your website.

tBL Members Twitter URL sites to follow:

For those who just forgot to add a Twitter URL, go grab your Twitter URL link and add it to your profile.

For those in need of a Twitter site, go sign up at and once done, add your new URL via the Control Panel. If you are not sure how to add your new Twitter site, watch this video snippet to learn how to add a URL to your theBrokerList profile.


~theBrokerList Team

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