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Unfortunately, some people involved with residential and/or commercial real estate believe that creating content is an arduous and time-consuming task. For that reason, they avoid it like the plague, which is a huge mistake. Although it does require some time and effort, creating great content reaps many rewards.

The reality is that well-written content builds both rapport and trust with current and potential clients, as well as other industry experts. With outstanding content, you become someone of authority—an expert at what you do. Ultimately, your blogs will drive organic traffic through social media sharing, as well as SEO.

Many years ago, an individual would turn to a friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor when looking for a real estate professional. Although people can still take this route, with the Internet, the entire industry has changed dramatically. Today, most people conduct online searches for a real estate professional, so standing out against fierce competition is critical to your success. However, once someone finds your site, you have to offer superior content that commands attention.

To take ordinary content and make it great, you need a unique approach. With this, you have the opportunity to grow your business by bringing in more new leads, closing a greater number of deals, converting more leads to actual clients, building strong client relationships, and beating out the competition. To accomplish this, consider the following recommendations.

  • Outstanding Website Experience—For starters, you need a professionally designed website on which to post your masterpieces. In truth, the way your website looks, feels, and navigates is what makes the first impression, so if your site is lacking in any way, people will never make it to the content.

  • Unrivaled Content—Regardless of whether you are posting a blog, “how to” article, or content relating to news and trends, you need to focus on what matters most. This includes the client. By writing about a positive experience, you demonstrate your value to a potential client. In addition, content needs to be real estate-industry related. Therefore, look for interesting but useful studies, statistics, surveys, and so on to share. It is also important that you create content that focuses on your niche. In fact, the more specific you are, the easier it is for you to dominate the content.

  • Additional Content Information—In addition, write some of your content about public services, as well as business and entertainment. People interested in buying a home are always interested in details about school districts, hospitals, public parks, nearby community centers, crime rate, public transportation, local restaurants, golf courses, shopping, attractions—you name it. When you create content for a home in a particular neighborhood, be sure to include well-written content about public services.

If you need some help getting started with powerful content, our professional writers at The News Funnel can offer support and guidance, or if you prefer, take your ideas and create the content on your behalf.

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