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Finding a top of the line resource such as Doug Marshall of Marshall Commercial Funding is a real achievement for us at theBrokerList. We pride ourselves in being a “go to” of the best of the best resources for commercial real estate professionals, and Doug surely fills that bill! When we say Marshall Commercial Funding is the top, please know we mean this literally. Marshall Commercial Funding was ranked one of the Top Ten Best Commercial Mortgage Brokers in the country and that is a major accomplishment.

Marshall Commercial Funding does it right! From the highest level of professionalism to the most detailed aspects of assisting you with your client funding needs, Doug is truly at the top. Just visit his amazing website, check out his videos and blogs and you will see what an amazing asset Doug Marshall is to our community. Please use this wonderful resource that Doug is to our community and take advantage of his educational content on his blog or view some of his informational videos today!

To get things started we asked Doug to give our members some insight on what Marshall Commercial Funding is about.

WHAT I DO: I help commercial real estate investors find the best possible financing for their properties by taking advantage of my 30+ years in the commercial mortgage business.

WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with regional and national banks, credit unions, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, etc. to find the best possible financing that meets your specific needs.

WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with Marshall Commercial Funding you get a knowledgeable advocate representing you with the lending community. We don’t just sign you up and turn you over to the lender. We represent your best interests throughout the loan process in order to optimize your loan outcome.

• I will contact several lenders for loan quotes, not just one or two.
• I will provide a detailed side-by-side comparison of the top four lenders.
• I will strenuously advocate for your best interests instead of passively accepting the lenders point of view.

Check out this wonderfully done video which will really give you a great feeling of what Doug is all about.

Testimonials for Marshall Commercial Funding:

Bill Younce
Over the years Doug and I have worked on several transactions together. I have always been impressed with Doug’s conscientious approach to getting all the details of the financing completed so that each of the transactions closed in a timely manner. I would recommend him without any reservations to anyone needing financing.  ~Bill Younce, Managing Broker
Northwest Equities Investment Real Estate Services, Inc.

Dick McPikeThank you for all your hard work in helping me obtain my latest commercial real estate loan. I especially appreciate your integrity to put my interests as client above your own. This quality of your character plus your knowledge of the commercial lending business and negotiating competence is wonderful to rely on through a sometimes stressful process! I will always highly recommend Marshall Commercial funding to friends and associates in the future and look forward to working with you on my next project.  ~Dick McPike, Investor

Curt ArthurIf you are a real estate investor Doug Marshall at Marshall Commercial Funding is an ally you need on your team. Doug’s experience, knowledge and contacts within the industry make him invaluable in exploring the many financing options available when looking to acquire, or refinance your investment. I have personally seen Doug go to great lengths to secure multiple financing options for clients and take the time necessary to walk them through each offer so they understand the strengths and weaknesses of each. It pays to have an advocate like Doug on your side. ~Curt Arthur, Managing Director, SVN Commercial Advisors

Please help us give a warm welcome to Doug Marshall of Marshall Commercial Funding by stopping by his new Marketplace Advertiser page on theBrokerList, here or give Doug a call at (503) 614-1808 if you need any assistance or have questions about funding your next deal in the Pacific Northwest! Also, follow Doug on Twitter too at @DMarshallCCIM.

Marshall Commercial Funding


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