id-100205947We know, we know—who has time to read more blogs? Commercial brokers are busy people, and there’s plenty of essential CRE reading you’re already way behind on.

Still, you can’t just read what other commercial brokers are saying. Widen your perspective a bit, and you’ll discover new ways of thinking about life and business that might just make you a better broker.

Plus, adding two or three of these blogs to your list will, at the very least, make you a more interesting dinner companion. Happy reading!

Top 7 Non-CRE Blogs that Commercial Brokers Should Read.Chris Brogan

Why you should read it:  Best-selling author and digital marketing consultant Chris Brogan writes short posts about big ideas like personal success and responsiveness. His easy-going style smoothes over some pretty sharp observations.

Sample Quote:  “It’s amazing how many times people say to me: ‘I can’t believe you replied to me!’ Every time, it’s like I’ve performed an act of magic.”

Top 7 Non-CRE Blogs that Commercial Brokers Should Read.Coffee with an Architect

Why you should read it Whenever a property needs transformation, there are architects involved. You should understand their point of view—although Jody Brown’s perspective might be slightly more warped than your typical architect’s.

Sample Quote:  “Doctor Who is TOTALLY an Architect … the next time you start to work on a project, the very fate of the universe could depend on your actions.”

New Geography

Why you should read it:  For insight into the seismic forces driving economic development. Light reading, it’s not. But you’ll come away with fresh takes on the issues—political, economic and demographic—that affect the commercial property market.

Sample Quote:  “After a century in which office space expanded nationally with every uptick in the economy, we may have reached something close to ‘peak office’ in most markets.”

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