Are you using a CRM?

There are a ton of CRM (Client Relationship Management) Services to pick from.  In this edition of Roxy’s Resources, I will outline the top 3 features of a CRM and exactly what to look for in those features. This is my personal recommendation on how to keep all your emails, tasks, deals, and contacts in one place.

1. Compatibility with your Email is a Must!

What every email you are using (Outlook, Gmail, etc) you need to make sure your CRM has a plugin for your email.  The plugin allows your CRM to be able to sync to your email, which makes it super handy to be able to easily organize emails with your contacts and deals.

2. Look for a CRM that integrates Tasks & Calendar.

Some CRM’s will allow you to give yourself tasks.  However, if these tasks are not tied to a calendar function, then it makes it difficult to know when to do your tasks.  You will want to use a CRM that not only lets you create tasks but that also lets you assign tasks to deals, assign tasks to contacts, and assign specific times to when you will perform your tasks.  It is also great to have a CRM that gives you the option of sending yourself an email of task reminders.

3. Your CRM Should Have A Phone App

You will want to make sure your CRM has a good phone app. This way your contacts are always at your fingertips. Some features to look for in an app are the ability to scan cards to add to contacts right inside of the app, the ability to import contacts directly from your phone and the capability of crossing off tasks from your task lists directly from the app.

So, you might be asking, what CRM has the above features. Drum roll, please.  It’s Hubspot.  And the neat part is Hubspot has a free version.  There are drawbacks to the free version such as Hubspot branding, but the free version is a nice way to try out the product.  If you decide to purchase Hubspot there are different modules. Personally, I am paying for the Sales Module.  This module allows me to keep all my tasks and deals coordinated with a calendar and reminders. Hubspot has a bunch of other cool features such as email snippets that reduce your time drafting common emails, and integration with your phone to have your contacts caller id be present even if the contact is not stored in your phone.

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