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This year I started a company Instagram account, AppalachianCRE. I had been on Instagram for a while personally but thought it would be a good idea to separate the business from the personal.  Even though I know my friends love just seeing pictures of my boys. Let’s face it: we all happily let Instagram distract us, and we all like these lists. Whether you agree or disagree with my list, guess what… it’s my list. If you don’t like it, create your own. So, here’s my top-10 must-follow CRE Instagram accounts, in no particular order. 

  1. buckybeeman – I swear this kid was the first cat I knew using Instagram and correlating it to #CRE. Make sure to tune in on Thursday’s when he gives a market update. I love seeing progress in a town outside of my own.
  2. natalie_cre10x – Who doesn’t love Natalie, she is killing it in sunny Vegas (somewhere we all wish we could be right now). No matter where she is going, whether it’s business or CREW she is letting you know through Instagram.
  3. jesselimonnyc – fairly new guy to the scene, but I like what I see so far. M&M broker with a mix of marketing and stories. Want to know what it’s like at in NYC at some random hour of the morning, follow Jesse.
  4. carolinaretailexperts – I love Charleston, SC. When it comes to #CRE there are two folks that do it right when it comes to Instagram. johnorrccim and elysewelch will provide you with news, tips and success stories of the #CHS retail market.
  5. thebrokerlist – Linda, smart lady who I have never met personally, but is certainly one of my online BFF’s. She doesn’t use Instagram to self-promote, rather she uses it to promote others. Make sure to join TheBrokerList, one of the best decisions I ever made.
  6. WhitneyCRE – Down the road from me is a place called Asheville, NC. Breweries upon breweries upon breweries. When it comes to #CRE though I have to recognize my friends at Whitney CRE. They are consistent in posting and use a mix of videos, pictures and listings.
  7. trinitypartners – For some reason, the posts are just visually appealing. I don’t know if it’s the font or the quality of the pictures or both. Whether it is looking for talent or sharing news about available spaces, these folks are creative. Take a lesson from their swag posts. #YogaOnTheDeckCLT
  8. crecloser – Virginia, CCIM, and CRE, all three dear to my heart. Celebrating successes, broker opens and news of #CRE in and around the Norfolk, VA area. Lindsay shows that it doesn’t have to be all about listings when using Instagram.
  9. therealdukelong – never see a face, but the travels of Duke Long make his Instagram one to follow. Life in the world of #CRE isn’t always glamorous, however, the viewpoints of NYC from various angles are. #globetrotter #theglamour
  10. tcfunnel – back in the day there were people that brought me in and welcomed me to the online community. One of those people was Sarah Malcolm. Now she is COO of The Content Funnel, a subsidiary of The News Funnel. The Content Funnel uses Instagram to remind us why we use social media in the first place. #CREtech


That’s it, did I forget someone in this Top 10 CRE Instagram list, if so let me know.

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