All of us maintain our own company broker list. We maintain and distribute our broker lists when other colleagues call and request our broker list.

Now, it is all done online at theBrokerList. Why? Because if the list is online it serves a multitude of time draining duties:

  1. Your people are your company, be proud and display your stable of talent! Display organization affiliations, cre educational designations, brief bio and all online content, via hyperlinks, to eliminate redundancy.
  2. B2B outreach is made simpler. When other brokers need a partner, they are now turning to theBrokerList as the most efficient way to find colleagues fast! When potential clients want to consider your market, your people and your firm, it makes sense to be listed here as well. More and more public users are finding our site to be a valuable resource to find CRE professionals.
  3. Create a dashboard view of your entire firm’s online content. View Twitter sites, Facebook pages, blogs, listing sites, articles and publications of your entire team in a one-stop shop!
  4. Avoid additional labor and programming on  your website with minute by minute and day to day changes which need to be fresh and current! Now with theBrokerList, the changes to bios or profiles are done by each individual team member. If content changes, each team member can edit the content and hyperlinks, which can be optionally linked back to your main corporate site or blog as well!
  5. When brokers, managers or leasing agents add a new listing or property, use the aggregated company RSS feeds to display all new projects on your blog or website as a widget! Same with WANT posts. When brokers in your firm post a WANT, share this aggregated feed for ALL brokers at your firm to view, enabling more in-house, deals!
  6. Increase referral business across the entire company by being a prominent player in your market when an online search is performed.
  7. theBrokerList is interactive. Your people and their profiles can be Tweeted, Liked, Circled and forwarded by members of the public or anyone wishing to share a profile, without making changes to your current website. Same with all HAVE or WANT posts. Give your clients’ deals a tweet or like to give it traction and marketing momentum.
  8. CRE is moving to a transparent business model. Be a leader and join the movement by showcasing your firm, your team accomplishments and other key aspects about your company in the most logical place you should be found.
  9. Permit Administrators and Marketing Directors access to company-wide profiles for management and consistency, without jeopardizing your corporate website. Our site provides unlimited Admins and staff and it is FREE thanks to our tBL Marketplace Partners!
  10. SEO is vital. Today, with the explosion of the internet and a movement in our industry to use online tools, it is time to take our stagnant broker list to the marketplace where it can be used and exploited to provide the greatest SEO for your firm and team.

If you are a broker, leasing agent or manager, be sure you are on the list. If you are a product or service professional, ask us about joining the Marketplace, which in turns helps to provide free tools to the cre industry.

Tell us why you are using theBrokerList. Have you made a deal or found a colleague at theBrokerList? If so, tell us about it here Add-News.

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