ID-100144425I truly believe there are many more trends than 10, but as a start into 2014, I thought a top 10 list was in order! These trends come from my observations of our tBL members and from feedback from our valued Marketplace Partners. I am wishing everyone a wonderful 2014 and remember, share our site with a cre colleague to help all of our efforts in marketing ourselves and our clients!

1. More commercial real estate companies and professionals will begin to acknowledge that social media is no longer a fad.
2. Virtual networking will be integrated with physical networking, making those networking events and relationships much stronger.
3. Digital marketing will become more of the standard method of delivery in our marketing presentations.
4. Less paper in all forms of marketing and tracking of new prospects, ie CRM, etc.
5. An inching towards more openly integrated technologies, in the various websites we use today, to save time and re-purpose our data to save redundancy.
6. Public sources of data will continue to explode enabling the mining of even more information.
7. High quality satellite imagery and mapping tools continue to evolve, providing for improved visuals for marketing.
8. Animated or conceptual imagery of renovations and projects will continue to increase in usage.
9. Video is changing everything and it will grow dramatically.
10. When hiring new marketing personnel, a strong focus on internet marketing and the use of technology will be of the highest priority.

Photo Credit: “Top Ten On Smartphone Shows Selected Ranking” by Stuart Miles

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