So much hard work goes into these blogs all year and we appreciate it so very much, we cannot miss giving our authors this annual recognition, even if it is March of 2019. This is our 6th year too, so half a dozen is a proud number! I still cannot believe we have been recognizing our bloggers for 6 years!

There is Insight Here

This process is also very eye opening to see what blogs do the best and have the most views! This year we had 3 authors who had the most popular topics and ClientLook dominated as far as volume! Wow, they sure know how to get our attention. A big congratulations to the ClientLook team for knocking it out of the park!

Please make note of these types of blogs as they are of extreme interest to our audience. Another point to consider is who are the best promoters! Many of our authors are also fabulous marketers. They are promoting the blog or setting it up on RSS and using Hootsuite or other tools to insure maximum eyeballs! Smart!

The Real Thing!

The top blog of all, year after year, which is a blog that is several years old by Mark Chase is “The One Page Business Plan for Commercial Real Estate Agents!” We love you for this one Mark, it is a true commercial real estate blog classic and an excellent example of ‘evergreen content’. Hats off to you Mark, again! This blog just cannot be beat. Not by a mile. I am so eager to see who the next Mark Chase will be that can write a blog so important that it is still remains at the top of our stats after years of posting. For now, he cannot be beat!

Wanna Be Like Mark

Following in Mark’s pattern of domination, are Andrew Bermudez of Digsy.AI (2) and James Milner of Appalachian CRE (1)

Both of these guys had impressive and popular blogs as well. Theses blogs were top performers month after month. These are considered evergreen blogs in the sense that people want to read them even long after they are published. They are not necessarily time sensitive, although Andrew’s blog on CRM systems was from 2017, it is still popular and was throughout 2018! Sounds like we need a new CRM blog Andrew! (hint hint) Andrew’s other blog is a no-brainer topic everybody wants to know: Best Time to Send Emails!  James’ blog is a fabulous topic on the segment of real estate called Resimercial, that obviously got attention as he knocked it out of the park! Keep up the good work James. You are rocking and rolling!

Top 8 Commercial Real Estate CRM Systems (2017)

Best Times to Send Emails [Free Printable Included]

Why Residential Brokers shouldn’t be involved in Commercial Real Estate transactions

How We Do It

Each month we go through the data and identify the blogs that had the most pageviews as well as shares on social media. It is a combination of analysis. This is so telling when looking at blogs that got many shares, but not as many pageviews! Moral of the story: Titles matter too! So each month, these are the top 4 blogs of 2018 overall, even though Mark’s blog is many years old! Actually one of the most popular last year was the first blog listed in January when we announced the top blogs! Of course, it is expected as it is a digest of the best and we promote the heck out of it. Now that is a clue to you in crafting your content as well. People like digests and “best of” blogs and gobble them up! So without further ado, here is our play by play for each month in 2018 and an overview of who had the top blogs and how many they had next to their names and our awesome list of special category blog awards!

Top Blog Authors and Total Top Blogs

ClientLook (6)
Digsy AI (3)
Apto (3)
James Milner (2)
Progressive Real Estate Partners (2)
Simon CRE (2)
Allen Buchanan (2)
LeaseQuery (2)
Doug Marshall (2)
Michael Kushner (1)
Commercial Agent Success aka Michael Bull’s teaching site (1)
Lee & Associates Orange (1)
Saskedge (1)
Rosano Partners (1)
Massimo Group (1)
Buildout (1)


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6 commercial real estate associations to join and how to get the most out of them

7 Cold Calling Tricks To Book More Meetings & Close More Deals [Video]

Will Commercial Real Estate Values Fall? You Betcha. Find Out Why.


Top 8 Commercial Real Estate CRM Systems (2017)

Best Times to Send Emails [Free Printable Included]


Top 15 Reasons Owners Sell Commercial Real Estate

Why Residential Brokers shouldn’t be involved in Commercial Real Estate transactions

The Different Aspects of Commercial Real Estate


Are we at the beginning of a real estate market slowdown?

Why Residential Brokers shouldn’t be involved in Commercial Real Estate transactions

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The Top 7 Commercial Real Estate Associations For You To Join

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tBL 2018 Special Category Blog Awards

Best Images and Consistent Message – Metropolitan Capital Advisors
Best PropTech Insight – Connected Real Estate Magazine
Best Vlogs (video blogs) – Commercial Agent Success Strategies
Best LOCAL Market Reporting (Retail) – Michael Kushner / Omni Realty
Best NATIONAL Market Reporting – Reonomy
Longevity in Blogging (Since 2011) – Lynn Drake
Most Consistent and Dedicated – Burt Polson
Largest Team Blog – SVN Graham, Langlois and Legendre
Most Comprehensive Market Data Insights – RealMassive
Newest Blogger – Ken Silberling
Newest Corporate Bloggers – Southpace Properties Inc
Newest Team Bloggers – Saskedge
Best Engaged Team Blogging & Social Media Engagement – Progressive Real Estate Partners
On Point and Laser Focused Content – LeaseQuery
Best Employee Promoter – Ensemble Real Estate
Most Active Blogging / Social Media Organization/Chapter – CREW Las Vegas
Most Visionary CRE Tech Blog – Buildout
Outstanding Financial Analysis Insight – REFM (Bruce Kirsch)
Best Mobile Technology Insight – CRE Tech®
Fan Favorite Legal Blogger and Author – R. Kymn Harp
Best CRE Tech Leadership Insight – Michael Beckerman
Most Done Deals – NAI Isaac, SVN Desert Commercial AdvisorsCBRE/Kristina Konen
Best Branding with “Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Investing” Book Promotion – Doug Marshall, CCIM

Past Year Winners






Top Ten tBL Blogs of 2014






Top Ten CRE Blogs of 2015






Top 10 CRE Blogs 2016





Top 10+ CRE Blogs in 2017

Thank You to all involved and to all of our readers and followers. We are all so grateful to you for giving our blog such kindness in shares and likes and the blog love in general!


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