Top 10+ CRE Blogs in 2017

Finally, the long awaited list of the Top 10+ CRE Blogs of 2017! What is all of this blogging stuff you say? It is YOU publishing for yourself. Our bloggers are amazing and they get it. These bloggers put so much hard work into these blogs all year and this is their shining moment as they are such an integral part of our community. Thanks to all of the readers of our daily “Blogs of the Day” email and our amazing blog contributors. We appreciate all of you and are so grateful to have this incredible community growing every year as a result of the teamwork!

A tBL Tradition

So each year at this time we review all of the data and identify by month the top blogs. Top blogs are those with the most views. Period. Blogging is about writing great content, headlines and planning your keywords, but it is also about promotion. Our bloggers are truly professionals as they do not just write, but they also promote. That is the name of the game. They say, write once, share twice!


Congratulations to the following superstar #CRE bloggers for 2017. All of our blogs are well read and these numbers are based on counts. These counts are very close and we pick the top 3 of each month. Please note that in January Mark Chase’s “The One Page Business Plan for Commercial Real Estate Agents” is still pulling in readers. The blog was written several years ago and is an evergreen blog. It is so obvious that in January brokers are planning their new year and it was one of the top 4 blogs in January of 2017. Thanks Mark for writing such an important blog for the industry.

I think it is very interesting to see what titles and blogs are the most popular each month and what titles are appealing to brokers. If you intend to start blogging, this is a really good list to study, as well as our past year winners. These are the topics and titles our readers are gobbling up.

Top Bloggers of 2017 (Multiple Blogs)

1. ClientLook – 6 top blogs
2. Massimo Group – 5 top blogs
3. SimonCRE – 3 top blogs
3. Allen C Buchanan – 2 top blogs
4. ProspectNow – 2 top blogs
5. QuantumListing – 2 top blogs

Top Bloggers of 2017 (Single Blog)

Restaurant Properties (Mark Chase)
Michael Kushner
Burt Polson
SVN Graham Langlois Legendre
Lynn Drake
Michael Coschigano
Bull Realty
Michael Beckerman
Doug Marshall
Re’Nauta Bell (and new blogger!)
SVN Desert
Linda Day Harrison

tBL 2017 Special Category Blog Awards

Best Images and Consistent Message – Metropolitan Capital Advisors
Best Technical Insight – Connected Real Estate Magazine
Best Vlogs (video blogs) – Andrew Bermudez / Digsy AI
Best Market Reporting (Retail) – Brad Umansky / Progressive Real Estate Partners
Longevity in Blogging (Since 2011) – Lynn Drake
Largest Team Blog – Beck Partners
Most Comprehensive Market Reporting – RealMassive
Newest Blogger –
Pivot Real Estate Craig Byer
Newest Corporate Bloggers – Rosano Partners AND Lee & Associates Orange
Newest Team Bloggers – Vegas CRE Team (Natalie Wainwright and Dan Palmeri)
Most Visionary CRE Tech Blog – Buildout
Outstanding Financial Analysis Insight – REFM (Bruce Kirsch)
Best Mobile Technology Insight – CRE Tech®
Fan Favorite Legal Blogger and Author – R. Kymn Harp
Makes us think / most thought provoking – Michael Beckerman
Most Done Deals – NAI Isaac, SVN Desert Commercial Advisors, CBRE/Kristina Konen
Best Branding with “Takeaways” – MDL Group / Hayim MIzrachi


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Thank You

It is so hard to believe the talent assembled here to write about commercial real estate. Because of this virtual teamwork, theBrokerList is recognized time and time again as one of the best commercial real estate blogs and is a must read for anyone in the industry! Thanks all for letting us share your blogs and for those who return each day to read what our amazing contributors put out there!

Happy New Year 2018!


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