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As Millennials continue to flood the workforce, it’s only natural that their habits, wants and needs are changing the commercial real estate landscape. What do millennials look for in a real estate agent? Here are the four things today’s millennials want from their real estate agent.


Millennials grew up in a technology driven world and that is exactly what they are used to. They want a realtor who will text them listings, send them photos of spaces that fit their wants and needs and keep up with their fast-paced lives – they want a realtor who is tech savvy and has a quick response time. Millennials move fast and are always on the go and look for those same qualities in a real estate agent. Millennials may reach out to agents through mobile apps, websites, email, texting or traditional phone calls and they need an agent who will adhere to this rapid communication.

Negotiation Power

Millennials are looking for that voice of reason and someone who will advocate for them, which is why the power of negotiation is extremely important when it comes to choosing a real estate agent. They want a real estate agent who can negotiate for them and secure the best deal possible on the property. Millennials want to work with realtors who aren’t afraid to push back on offers and negotiate a fair price for a commercial real estate property.


Millennials are new to the real estate game and don’t always know the ins and outs of the buying process. They want to work with an agent who will guide them through the process and help them understand every step along the way. As the commercial real estate market continues to boom for millennials, real estate agents have to adapt to guiding these young buyers through the path of commercial real estate buying more so than ever.

Millennials thrive on information and want to know every detail possible about the steps it takes to purchase a property and they need an agent with extensive knowledge to work with.


Millennials want to work with agents who have a bit of spunk and personality, someone that they can be relaxed with and can work with easily. No one wants to work with someone who can’t laugh or enjoy the buying process with them. Millennials want to work with someone friendly and approachable so that they feel comfortable asking questions and learning the buying process without feeling conscious about their lack of knowledge.

Millennials are taking the commercial real estate market by storm and it’s up to real estate agents to keep up the momentum. Millennials are looking for specific things in real estate agents and often turn to friends, family and colleagues for suggestions on real estate agents because they want to make sure they have a positive and successful buying experience. Keep these four qualities in mind when you begin working with the many millennials in the market for commercial real estate.

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