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Businesses dream of having high traffic counts to their website. But how do you get people to your website? Increase traffic by driving people to your blog using some of these 101 Simple Tips to Increase Web Traffic

Remember that Content is King. Make sure your content is relevant and eye catching. By creating consistent content, readers will know when to expect something new, driving them back to your website. 
Get Social by being active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. When you post a blog post, push it to your social media outlets to notify them of new content. 
Enhance with Multimedia by using engaging graphics and videos to draw readers to posts. You could also create infographics or SlideShare presentations and share on your blogs. 
SEO is key! If you refer to a previous post, be sure to link back to it. Use a keyword search tool to find the words your target audience is using and use those keywords in your post titles and subheadings. 
Consider sharing your content offline. Include your blog’s URL on business cards or be sure to mention it when speaking at special events. Word of mouth is also an excellent tool! 
What ways do you drive traffic to your website? Please share in the comments below! 
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