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Kathryn FordKathryn Ford, Women’s Empowerment Expert, Founder, Excellence Institute

When we choose to have a significant other in our lives, that relationship will undoubtedly make a major and direct impact on our health; this can be both positively and negatively. It is imperative for our well-being for this relationship to be healthy and for it to contribute in a way that supports our spirit. This truly has the power and ability to change our health. If it is not healthy, it may also contribute to a weaker sense of self-worth.

Should this take place, it will deplete one’s self-worth clear down to the cellular level. Candace Pert, Ph.D., states in her book, Molecules of Emotion, “I’ve come to believe that virtually all illness, if not psychosomatic in foundation, has a definite psychosomatic component. Recent technological innovations have allowed us to examine the molecular basis of emotions, and to begin to understand how the molecules of our emotions share an intimate connection with, and are indeed inseparable from, our physiology. It is the emotions, I have come to see, that link mind and body.” This is truly incredible information and I invite you to allow this concept to soak in.

And I know first hand, it is these emotions that can either contribute to our health or contribute to dis-ease if they are not released and are left to fester. The key is to release and express these emotions without stuffing them inside; let it go and then move forward.

The power of relationships must never be discounted, as your body reflects this in the status of your health. As Deepak Chopra states in his book, Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul, “Your immune system gets stronger or weaker in response to being in a loving or unloving relationship.” These significant and powerful relationships with family and friends are critical keys to our well-being. And, in my case, it was the unloving relationships that were my greatest teachers.

As you can see, some relationships can be destructive or hazardous to our health. There is scientific evidence to support this, which can be found not only in the work that Candace Pert has done, but also in the work of others. Personal relationships must be emotionally safe and allow one to express their true selves. It is vitally important that we feel free to be who we are.

As the famous Persian Poet, Rumi, says, “Be with those who support your being.” Remember, it’s not selfish it is Self-Care. Be true to yourself and be authentic. Don’t waste precious time on things that don’t have meaning to you and that don’t bring you joy. In addition, being loved starts with learning to love yourself more. So please place focus everyday on loving and honoring yourself. This is the key to maximizing wellness and helping you achieve “true wellness,” in order to thrive. Be Well!