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Why CRE Brokers Should Care

We have watched the DNA of #CRE evolve over the last several years. TheBrokerList, and their partners in this effort, have provided tremendous value to the CRE community. They do this by identifying and sharing key data that, to our knowledge, has never before been available within this industry.

Brokers often don’t have the time to dig through spreadsheets and digest various analytical data about the industry. However, the DNA of #CRE is presented in an infographic that is extremely easy to read and can very quickly be understood. Having said this, we should point out that the results are only as good as the information provided through the DNA of #CRE survey. If you’re a commercial broker, take a moment (or more specifically, less than 10 minutes) to complete the survey.

How to Fill Out the Survey

You can complete the survey by clicking this link: DNA of #CRE Survey. The survey must be completed between February 24 and March 30. 

Additionally, this year survey respondents will be eligible for prizes as the DNA of #CRE survey hits various milestones. The winners will be notified via email by BuildOut.

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