When you visit a cre website to search for a person, property or branch office, how much drilling down, searching or clicking do you make your visitors do to find your people, offices or properties? And once they get there, how stale or empty or outdated is that content? Or worse yet, is there a way to find the people, office or properties?

Because we visit so many cre websites each day in our tBL member vetting process, we are becoming experts at knowing what works and what is a FAIL on a cre website. Here are our 10 commandments for an effective cre blog or website…..

No. 1 People are our business. So why are they so hard to find?

No. 2 Branch offices need a strong presence and interactive hyperlink to their location or content.

No. 3 Stale content is a drag. Why not give your folks the ability to add their own fresh content? Then connect it to the corporate or branch office website?

No. 4 For goodness sake get a  Twitter ,  Facebook ,  LinkedIn  and theBrokerList  profile for your firm at a minimum, if you do nothing else in your cre digital life, do that!

No. 5 Please, please, please put your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and theBrokerList icons or hyperlinks on your site or blog so folks can follow, like, connect and see you are a VERIFIED cre profesional.

No. 6 Give yourself a logo, even if it is homemade. Everyone and every person and property needs a brand identity or image that should be consistently posted on all sites you use, visit or join.

No. 7 Make phone numbers, email addresses and other url links clickable. There are sites where this vital data is incorporated into a .jpg or .png and that is just hopeless for mobile and even computer users.

No. 8 Use a toolbar such as AddThis or ShareThis or whatever to your websites, blog, etc. so your content can be shared via social media.

No. 9 If you belong to organizations that you pay dues to such as IREM, CCIM, SIOR, etc. be sure you take full advantage of those opportunties to keep your URL links active and current. So many profiles lack URL links and it is a real waste to not fill those fields up.

No. 10 Put your tBL icon in your email signature so folks have one single place to find ALL of your digital content. It is the one place that can store all your affiliations, organizations, website, blog,  Facebook ,  Twitter  and other online groups.


~theBrokerList Team

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