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From SNL to Commercial Real Estate Broker


Based on my experience working on Saturday Night Live, I noticed there are similarities between working on a live TV comedy show to working as a tenant rep broker. Here in Los Angeles and Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, I am often tasked with finding unique office space that requires thinking out of the box.

Some similarities:

Focus and Follow-Through

Listening to the client tell you exactly what they are looking for, ask the right questions and then follow through on each request. Listening to the executive producer in Television in order to fulfill the requirements of getting the show on the air – following through on each directive is essential.  

Spontaneity and Creativity

After engaging the client in an exclusive right to represent, being ready to offer creative options at any given time. Being ready and able to fulfill the TV show’s needs at any given time – offering creative solutions on how best to get it all done.  

Organizational Skills

Today I keep hundreds of commercial contacts current for every deal. Keeping a binder up to date to be able to communicate to the executive producer in every production meeting.  

Finding Options

Strong relationships with landlord brokers, allows for immediate inventory information for both on and off market properties. In TV production, always being 1-step ahead to offer options and solutions that will help the show get on the air.  

Putting Yourself in Your Client’s Shoes

Understanding the client’s point of view by thinking about the journey of the client and what that feels like.  In TV production, allowing the executive producer and above the line staff own the solution.

Closing Thoughts

My experience as a tenant rep broker along with my years in the entertainment industry, have given me the skills and knowledge to easily find your perfect office space location.

If this was of interest to you and you’d like to know more, give me a call at 310-487-2982 or email me at [email protected] 

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