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Until recently, most of us been slaves to the limited Microsoft products that were available for creating presentations and graphics. PowerPoint, Paint and Publisher were most commonly used and often came pre-installed on our computers. With an increase in cloud computing and web-based applications, the options for programs to design presentations and graphics have bloomed. One that I have recently had the pleasure of testing out is Visme.

Visme tool for commercial real estateVisme is free data visualization software that makes creating digital content simple and accessible for anyone. The software is entirely online, which means that you don’t have to download bulky software. Plus, the projects you create can be published and made accessible on every device you use. Also, the projects you can make on Visme include presentations, infographics, website banners, animations, and more.

What’s the Needed Skill Level?

You don’t have to be a PowerPoint pro or a whiz at graphic design software. The menus are simplified and the processes intuitive. Not only is the software user-friendly, there is a help center with tutorials on dozens of features.

Visme’s Advantages

When creating presentations, Visme’s simplified menus allow you to create presentations faster and easier than PowerPoint. They also have more options than PowerPoint, including the option of quickly making widgets, such as a chart or graph. Once you’ve made your widget, just plug it into your presentation!

Making Infographics with Visme

Just like the presentation module, the infographics module has easy to understand menus and the option to make a widget, such as a chart or graph, quickly. There are dozens of templates to start with that provide layout ideas and simplify the creation process. In fact, the multitude of attractive yet practical templates is one of the features that makes this software standout from its predecessors.

Learning Center & Case Studies from Visme

Visme features a Learning Center with dozens of blogs that teach you how to capture audience attention through advertising, data visualization, presentations and more. In addition, there are Case Studies that show how other organizations have used the software to spread their messages.

Obviously, the possibilities for applying this software to commercial real estate are endless. Below are a few:

  • Listing Presentations – Web-based means that they can be animated, accessible to your clients via web link after the meeting, easily shared for client referrals, and formatted as a template to be used with future clients.
  • Summary of Completed Transactions – You can continually update the data and the published graphic updates as well.
  • Here is an infographic I created using Visme:
  • State of the Local Market Presentation – Your edits keep the information up to date even though the link you give your clients remains the same.
  • Property Brochures – You can include a contact form tool ( to generate leads based on each brochure view.

Visme is another tool that I will be adding to my CRE technology toolbox. I am always interested in learning about new commercial real estate tools to improve my effectiveness as a commercial real estate advisor. If you know of an app, software, or some piece of technology that can be used to help commercial real estate agents, I would love to hear about it. Please let me know what tools you recommend in the comments section below.

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