Zoning (2)

NIMBY (Not In My Backyard): It’s all in the zoning

Many of us have said this, or been accused of being a NIMBY by someone else. Who decides what can or can’t be built in the lot next to your house or business? Do you have any say so in the matter? What gets approved is all a matter of zoning, the guidelines of which […]


Brownfield to Greenfield Conference & Expo – January 16, Uniondale, NY by US Green Building Council, Long Island Chapter

REGISTER AT www.usgbc-li.org Why acquire contaminated property and invest to clean it up and build? With over 6,000 Brownfields on Long Island, the term certainly conjures up negative connotations, but it often doesn’t depict actual conditions. Learn how a Brownfield becomes a Greenfield with a panel of experts who face the challenge of Land, Legal, […]

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