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YouTube Marketing Strategy

Are you scared of video? Well I have been, until now! I wanted to share an experience I had with Ray Riechert of Video Marketing Scholars. Ray reached out to me to share some incredible ideas to help me educate our members of theBrokerList and also to help me gain exposure in marketing theBrokerList and […]


Should CRE Folks Embed Video? Yes, Learn How.

If you want to know, ask Robin Kesler of RE/Max Optima and she can tell you she sure does know how! During a Linkedin Group/CCIM discussion, a member asked if folks were using video in their various posts or promotions. Today, most of us are using YouTube, but not expanding our YouTube tools to other places. Robin Kesler […]


Duke Long Interview

[youtube=] Thank you so much to Duke Long for doing an interview on January 20, 2012, via a Google+ Hangout with theBrokerList, founder, Linda Day Harrison, CPM, CCIM. It was a live video interview that Duke later featured via the Duke Long YouTube Channel “The Real State of Commercial Real Estate.” This is an excellent example of the […]


Our Traffic is YOUR Traffic

Your success depends on activity, phones ringing, emails dinging, twitter Retweets, Facebook Likes, Google+ circles, Google 1’d. It is momentum, exposure and all things that lead to awareness of your product, listing, HAVE, WANT, client, building, vacancy, recruitement effort, book sale, blog post, profile, website, etc. Keep it hush, hush and nobody knows about it. […]


Houston CCIM uses CRE Video Animation

Doing what we do here at  theBrokerList  is so exciting and so very rewarding too! As part of our vetting of each member that joins, we get to see websites, blogs, Twitter sites, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, Google+ and of course YouTube videos. In that process today, we are pleased to welcome a new member from […]


YouTube Support Help Video

NEW! theBrokerList now has a YouTube channel to store all of the support snippets. When a member contacts us for help or guidance, we turn that question into a video response. These short support snippets are short and sweet and provide live help 24/7/365. Hope these support snippets help you navigate theBrokerList too! Thanks, ~theBrokerList […]

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