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Syndicating Properties with Buildout & theBrokerList is Easier

Buildout and theBrokerList have upgraded their integration to make connecting your accounts more streamlined than ever. If you aren’t syndicating your listings to theBrokerList already, you’re missing out on a vast network of verified commercial real estate brokers, regular social media exposure, and region-specific updates on “Haves”, “Wants”, and even closed transactions. Learn how to […]



This post originally appeared on Marketplace Advertiser, QuantumListing Blog and is republished with permission. Find out how to syndicate your content with theBrokerList. The second group of speakers of #LetsGetSmart18 at ICSC RECon was the team behind DNA of #CRE, a survey of practices and trends of the commercial real estate industry. DNA of #CRE […]


What CRE Brokers Can Learn From Residential Real Estate Agents

What CRE Brokers Can Learn From Residential Real Estate Agents Working in commercial real estate (CRE) from time to time I have crossed paths occasionally with residential real estate agents and it clear that there are many differences between the two industries. Many times there is a stigma within the CRE professional network regarding residential agents especially when they […]


People REALLY DO Check YOU Out! Do You Rock It or Suck It?

Yes people really do check you out! When somebody wants to do business with you believe it or not one of the first things they do today is go online and try to find you and look you up on LinkedIn. When looking you up on theBrokerList out of all your websites think about it, […]


10 Ways to Strengthen Your Online CRE Profile

Just like that gym membership that you signed up for but you have not been in months; theBrokerList is a tool and a membership site that is only useful if you are using the site properly. Follow along and with these exercises you will strengthen your online presence and boost your traffic to your page […]


How To Use theBrokerList?

1. Add your personal profile and company background information. 2. Add a HAVE or WANT post to generate interest in your project. 3. Invite other cre folks in your local market. 4. Create a custom list of your local market. 5. Do B2B outreach via your custom list of your local market contacts when you […]

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