Tenant Improvements (3)

What Tenant Improvements Will an Owner of Commercial Real Estate Consider

This post originally appeared on tBL member Allen C. Buchanan's blog Location Advice and is republished with permission. Find out how to syndicate your content with theBrokerList. Recently, I have encountered two occasions of owner funded tenant improvements in an existing industrial building – or I should say a request for owner funded tenant improvements. I […]


Lessons Learned with #CRE Tenant Improvements

There are several ways to protect your business when it comes to the improvement area in the lease. In some leases, the landlord will not put together plans for the space and will not cost them out until after the lease is signed. This is not the way we like to work, as it can […]


Tenant Improvements vs. Landlord’s Work Letter

What happens when the Tenant Improvement (TI) allowance is not enough to cover the cost of the landlord’s turnkey construction?  Tenants often find themselves paying the difference in the cost.  So how should you handle the TI allowance issue when costs exceed the landlord’s offer? Whether the cost of improvements are over or under the allowance, […]

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