Tenant Improvement Allowance (3)

What is Tenant Improvement (TI) Allowance?

Learn Exactly what is tenant improvement (TI) Allowance Almost every tenant of a commercial space will need to make some changes or improvements to the space to make the space work for them. Of course, the extent of needed improvements will vary depending on whether the space in question was previously occupied, how old the […]


Tenant Improvement Allowance-One of the most misunderstood real estate terms

This post originally appeared on tBL member Mark Chase's blog Restaurant Real Estate Advisors Blog and is republished with permission. Find out how to syndicate your content with theBrokerList. A Tenant Improvement Allowance is a contribution of money towards the build-out cost of your restaurant. Often referred to as ( TIA or TI ) in […]


How Do I Negotiate the Tenant Improvement Allowance?

A “tenant improvement allowance” is money provided directly or indirectly by the landlord to build-out the office space so that it meets the needs of the tenant.  The tenant improvement allowance is an essential part of the commercial lease negotiation; the landlord’s construction costs (and the lease term over which they are amortized) will have […]

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