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New Partner NewDirt — A New Way to Match Brands with Space.

“When I was VP of National Development at KFC in the 90s, I’d get back from three or four days on the road and there’d be a stack of site submittals on my desk a foot high,” says Dave Cattell, Founder and CEO of NewDirt. “90% were sites that made no sense at all for […]


10 Ways to Strengthen Your Online CRE Profile

Just like that gym membership that you signed up for but you have not been in months; theBrokerList is a tool and a membership site that is only useful if you are using the site properly. Follow along and with these exercises you will strengthen your online presence and boost your traffic to your page […]


Missing: #CRE Broker Profile

With the continued advances in technology and social media entrepreneurs are creating new ways to market commercial real estate (CRE) properties for brokers. These services range from free to paid and offer CRE brokers more opportunities to bring exposure to their listings reaching audiences they never did before. There is a downside though. As we […]


Our Traffic is YOUR Traffic

Your success depends on activity, phones ringing, emails dinging, twitter Retweets, Facebook Likes, Google+ circles, Google 1’d. It is momentum, exposure and all things that lead to awareness of your product, listing, HAVE, WANT, client, building, vacancy, recruitement effort, book sale, blog post, profile, website, etc. Keep it hush, hush and nobody knows about it. […]

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