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A Passion for Leases: LeaseQuery

A Passion for Leases The founder of LeaseQuery, George Azih is passionate about the management of leases and about making the ease of managing leases within reach for all businesses no matter how small or large. In addition to managing lease terms and the often complex trigger dates, George is determined to help our industry […]


New Partner NewDirt — A New Way to Match Brands with Space.

“When I was VP of National Development at KFC in the 90s, I’d get back from three or four days on the road and there’d be a stack of site submittals on my desk a foot high,” says Dave Cattell, Founder and CEO of NewDirt. “90% were sites that made no sense at all for […]


A Four-Letter Word for Commercial Real Estate Marketing.

When we asked CRE brokers about their most indispensable apps, you told us how you couldn’t live without tools like Evernote, Geomeasure and Bizzio. But a first-year agent from Jacksonville, Florida mentioned a Commercial Real Estate marketing tool we’d never considered before: Yelp! Yes, Yelp, the popular website where people review everything from art galleries […]


Top 10 List: 10 (No-brainer) Reasons to Use theBrokerList

All of us maintain our own company broker list. We maintain and distribute our broker lists when other colleagues call and request our broker list. Now, it is all done online at theBrokerList. Why? Because if the list is online it serves a multitude of time draining duties: Your people are your company, be proud […]

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