Senior Housing (3)

Fresh Opportunities in Multifamily: Promising Senior Housing States

We’ve spent a good amount of time writing about the population multifamily seems to be focusing on the most: Millennials. And based on their behavior it is easy to roll over those trends to Gen-Z, but there is another population multifamily professionals should be looking at too: The Older Adults. We’re talking Baby Boomers and […]


GPE is Pleased to Welcome Robert Howe

GPE Commercial Advisors is pleased to welcome Robert Howe, Senior Vice President as the newest member of our brokerage team. The Senior Housing (ILF, ALF, MCF, SNF) market is Bob’s brokerage specialty. He has been actively involved in Senior Housing since 2002, but has owned, managed, developed, and brokered Commercial Real Estate since 1974. His […]


6th Annual Senior Housing Commercial Real Estate Conference

If you are in the senior housing commercial real estate sector, this is a must attend event. If you are appropriate to speak or sponsor an event like this, please contact Frank Biondo! I find this conference useful in terms of meeting fellow professionals in commercial real estate, from top-tier firms. – Mark L Myers […]

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