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What is the #CREMarketing Call?

I get this question so very often that I thought it would be time to answer: What is the #CREMarketing Call? Now we can use this blog to answer the question! So if you are part of the #CREMarketing Call Family, please keep this link handy the next time someone asks you, what the #CREmarketing […]


{Virtual Workshop} Rock Your Blog Part 1 – Should I be a Blogger?

Should I Be A Blogger? Well, my answer is, heck yes, you should be a blogger! Everybody should be able to compose a few paragraphs that provide compelling information that motivates! No matter what your profession, be it commercial real estate or any other industry, today, being able to write a brief article should be […]


No. 4 Commercial Real Estate Is Organizations, Kudos, Grassroots and Thanks

This is the fourth edition of Commercial Real Estate Is… and it focuses on organizations working with government, recognizing our people, we are so grassroots and thanking people goes a long way. This is what commercial real estate is! The goal is to showcase all of the good about commercial real estate as an industry. […]

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