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The Generational Divide and Its Impact on Multifamily

Millennials have been talked about ad nauseum —from what they’re eating and wearing, to where they want to live and what they want to buy. But this group, which outweighs GenX by nearly 40% and has recently surpassed the Boomers, is still worth talking about. They’re driving all aspects of our economy —and that includes […]


5 CRE Tech Trends to Watch as 2017 Approaches

Here are 5 CRE tech trends to keep an eye on as we head into the new year. As 2017 draws near, we often reflect on big events that happened, future opportunities, and upcoming trends to help better understand our professional space. In the commercial real estate sector, technology continues to impact the way real […]


REscour’s Broker Spotlight with John Banas

We’re back with another Broker Spotlight to bring you knowledge directly from multifamily professionals. This month we had the pleasure of interviewing John Banas Senior Vice President at the Philadelphia Office for Colliers International. John has been in commercial real estate for 10 years now after owning health clubs for 11 years where he met […]


Fresh Opportunities in Multifamily: Promising Senior Housing States

We’ve spent a good amount of time writing about the population multifamily seems to be focusing on the most: Millennials. And based on their behavior it is easy to roll over those trends to Gen-Z, but there is another population multifamily professionals should be looking at too: The Older Adults. We’re talking Baby Boomers and […]


REscour’s Year in REview

We have had an incredible year as a commercial real estate tech startup company in 2015. We hired, we announced, we consumed, and we collected any commercial real estate data we could get our hands on. We wanted to begin 2016 by taking a minute to reflect on our 2015 year in REview. Below you’ll […]


REscour Brings Research Tools to Multifamily Industry and is Newest tBL Marketplace Partner

Finally, the multifamily industry has some incredible power and research tools to manage the myriad of information that can circle around a single asset. With the REscour product, the information is literally a click or two away. (pronounced “re” indicating repetition or the abbreviation for real estate and “scour” as in to thoroughly search in […]

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