Promote Your Profile (4)

How To Use theBrokerList?

1. Add your personal profile and company background information. 2. Add a HAVE or WANT post to generate interest in your project. 3. Invite other cre folks in your local market. 4. Create a custom list of your local market. 5. Do B2B outreach via your custom list of your local market contacts when you […]


What is Your CRE Pitch?

Every member of theBrokerList is given a text box that contains 4,096 characters. Many of those text boxes say “Coming Soon” but nothing is filled in. It is really like being given a FREE billboard to promote your company on a super highway and leaving it blank. Why not fashion your “My Pitch” box to your advantage. […]


CRE Folks AND All White Auto Haulers

Did you ever see an all white auto hauler? I bet you wondered if it belonged to a famous race car driver. Those all white vehicles drive down the road burning fuel and making tracks to some destination with a mysterious and anonymous mission. Hey, if you are a super famous race car driver and […]


Promote Your Profile~How to Make Image Hyperlinks

This post will walk you through the trick of making an online image, that when clicked, will take your reader where you want it to go. This will make more sense to you when you visit your Control Panel and click on Promote Your Profile! Below is what the html code looks like. This is […]

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