Professionalism In Commercial Real Estate (2)

What is Professionalism? Here Are 4 Key Traits for #CRE

As I stated in my last post, How is Professionalism Regulated in Commercial Real Estate?, I attended a daylong seminar with members of Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS™ on July 1st. This seminar was focused on how to “raise the bar” on professionalism within the organization. My initial blog was asking the question how commercial real […]


How is Professionalism Regulated in Commercial Real Estate?

I started the second half of 2014 at an all-day interactive seminar at Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS™ (MORe) in Downers Grove, Illinois. This was a brainstorming event on how to raise the bar of professionalism in real estate within our association. Though 99% of the people participating were residential agents it got me thinking about […]

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