Proud to be NAIOP-AZ! Chapter Adds Logo to tBL!!

When it comes to pride and rah-rah and all of that exciting stuff, I am really seeing an active and proud chapter here in NAIOP-AZ. Wow, they are doing social media for their chapter, created a beautiful NAIOP-AZ website and have a Facebook page as well as a Twitter site too! As a group, they […]


NAIOP to FAA: Retract Proposed Height Reductions of Commercial Buildings Near U.S. Airports, Including Sky Harbor

The Arizona Chapter of NAIOP has urged the Federal Aviation Administration to retract the proposed One Engine Inoperative Procedures in the Obstruction Evaluation Studies published in the Federal Register on April 28. “While NAIOP-AZ fully supports the FAA’s role to oversee aviation safety, we oppose this proposed OEI policy, note that it does not address […]

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