Motivation (4)

In #CRE, Self-Motivation is Power: 2 Thoughts

Just some more common sense points from the host of Tuesday Traffic Tips, Allen Buchanan. By the way, check out Allen’s blog, Location Advice, which has been running for four years. 1. In order to be successful you need to have a positive attitude. 2. Appreciating what you have each day, or reflecting on your […]


5 Tips for Staying Ahead of the CRE Pack

Agents know how unpredictable the field of commercial real estate can be with uncertainty of completing deals looming daily. Maintaining a consistent level of positivity can prove highly valuable in spite of constant disappointment. Agents can stay focused and driven by mentally reciting wisdom that can keep them at a positive equilibrium such as advice […]


What Makes an Entrepreneur?

It is interesting to watch different people start a business. Some simply fall into it by accident and succeed. Then there are those who really want to be successful and just cannot make it. As I mentioned earlier in the year I said I would share some personal insights into what drove me to become […]


What Is the #CRE Business About?

Now, why would we write a blog post to tell some of the brightest minds in commercial real estate what the commercial real estate business is about? Simple, because we all need to remind ourselves what we are doing and since this is a blog post, which is public, educate the public as to exactly […]

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