Marc Insul (3)

Vacant Property – Spring Maintenance Checklist

Mother Nature’s icy grip is fading and spring brings a host of vacant property maintenance issues. Thank goodness we made it through one of the coldest and longest winters on record. As we venture outside from hibernation we are refreshed by the warm breezes, the sun on our face and have just the faintest memories […]


3 Basic Tips to Prepare for a CRE Emergency

Its 2 am….the captain from the local fire department is on the phone with an emergency at your property. Are you prepared? Emergencies of all types can and do happen every day. From weather and natural disasters to vandalism and equipment failure, the best defense will be a good offense (accompanied of course by prepared, […]


Vacant Property Winterization Service Checklist

  Thanks to Marc Insul and the Commercial Asset Preservation (CAP) Team for providing this great reminder for those of us charged with listing, managing or leasing a vacant property. Vacant properties can create a complex set of problems that are not often considered. For instance, we recall taking over a vacant big box and […]

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