Lease Renewal (4)

Make a List, Check it Twice

Does the song sound familiar? Well, it is a tune every tenant should be singing – twice a year. That is right. Every tenant should check their lease expiration date twice, and make sure to start their search at least a year in advance. Wondering why?  Does not a year sound a bit over the […]


Why It Can Be a Financial Mistake to Negotiate with a Landlord Directly

When commercial tenants negotiate directly with landlords, they are often treated like captive markets. Without representation, tenants don’t know what they don’t know (for example, the ability to add early termination rights), and that necessarily results in unrepresented tenants leaving important terms, rights, and dollars on the table. With tenant representation, it costs tenants nothing […]


When Should You Start Evaluating Your Company’s Lease Expiration Date?

Entering into a new commercial lease can be simultaneously exciting and scary. Ideally, start looking for space well in advance of your lease expiration because if a remodel is necessary, the process could take anywhere from about six months to a year. Most landlords will want rent payments to begin shortly after the lease execution, […]


Timing is Everything

Guest Blog Post feature is a new idea we are trying to give all of our members an opportunity to share an article on theBrokerList blog. Since our project is open to the public via online search, writing a blog article about an area of expertise is a great way to brand you and your firm. Thanks […]

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