Learn How To Use Linkedin For CRE (4)

LinkedIn: Five Things every CRE Broker Must Know

Post and Pray? LinkedIn is not social media in the commonly used post and pray method of social media and there are five things every CRE Broker must know. LinkedIn is social selling! It’s the bonding and building rapport step of a sales process that begins in the virtual space and results in real money […]


Interview: LinkedIn for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

How to Use Linkedin for Commercial Real Estate Professionals Since moving to Las Vegas I have been going out of my way to meet new people, both in technology and the commercial real estate industry. I am finding it to be absolutely amazing and exciting thanks to organizations like CREW Las Vegas, CALV and sites […]


Linkedin and Employees: A Connection Built to Last

This post originally appeared on tBL member Block Real Estate Services (BRES)'s blog Official Blog of Block Real Estate Services (BRES) and is republished with permission. Find out how to syndicate your content with theBrokerList. Linkedin, in the last few years, has gone from a career site to a professional platform that hosts information about companies, […]


Webinar: Out-Linking The CRE Competition

This will be one of the best opportunities to hear first hand, how we can all use Linkedin to make money and grow our business! Matthew Smith of REA has organized this totally free webinar, in conjunction with Barbi Reuter, Allen C. Buchanan and myself. He has put much work into finding Yuhannes Watts, a […]

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