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Leasing Fundamentals Pt II – Qualifying Retail Tenants

Are Your Tenant Prospects Fully Qualified? These 10 Key Questions Will Help You Determine: Do you have the right tenant for the property? Will the tenant be successful for the duration of the lease? How can I expedite the process and get to the salient facts? Use this checklist of 10 questions and incorporate into […]


The Games Some Landlords Play!

Let me tell you a story. We were working with a nonprofit on a lease renewal in Ann Arbor. The original landlord of the building was excellent – the trouble only began when he passed away and his son took over. The lease had what we in the business call an ever-greening clause – which […]


Lease Review – What should you focus on outside of the major lease terms?

Do landlords go into the unreasonable “gray area’” when it comes to measuring tenant spaces and common areas? Do they include building overhangs, exterior sidewalks, balconies and patios?  It is not easy to find these items as they are buried in the lease. And tenants sometimes do not realize the impact that each of these […]


WARNING: Ascertaining the “correct” real estate square footage can be a minefield fraught with peril!

~Guest blog post from one of our newest members, Richard Neuman. We love our members and are so very proud of them. That’s why we are asking you to share a blog post with us. Want to share your knowledge or just give us a piece of your mind about the state of cre or […]

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