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Brokers Are From Mars, Managers Are From Venus

When times are tough, brokers tend to want to manage. When times are good, managers tend to want to do brokerage! It happens with every phase of our industry’s economic cycle. That is fascinating to me, and very logical. We all want to follow the money and each side of the industry makes it appear […]


Launch of New Blog! Lesson Learned – WordPress from Tumblr aka WordPress is Excel

Welcome to the new tBL blog platform and look! We are so excited to make this change and we hope you enjoy it. Believe it or not, the roots of our project started out on WordPress and now we return to our roots! I guess so much can be said about our decision. To us, […]


CRE CRM Alternatives: Weighing In

~Guest blog post is from one of our early adopter members, Lance Langenhoven, CCIM. We love our members and are so very proud of them. That’s why we are asking you to share a blog post with us. Want to share your knowledge or just give us a piece of your mind about the state […]


Thank You Lance Langenhoven, CCIM for Search on Cap Rate Feature

Our tBL users are outstanding cre people. The best of the best! It is just amazing. Each time we touch a new cre professional who joins us we are just jumping with joy. Really, we do jump. It is so rewarding and such a great way to celebrate. This week we really found a jackpot […]

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