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Can My Profile Generate Leads in Commercial Real Estate?

With every single profile, a broker gets a lead! Not really, or should I say, we cannot guarantee it, but, in talking to members of theBrokerList, the attitude is hey, every time a member posts their profile, there is a good chance they might get a lead, so why not give it a try. Getting […]


Justin Lee

theBrokerList is a fantastic network that provides significant value and is a no-brainer for commercial real estate (CRE) professionals who wish to expand their network and earn more business.” ~Justin Lee, Founder of thesquarefoot.com. ~Justin Lee, thesquarefoot


CRE: Tenants Search For Space Online

In an effort to expand our reach we have been networking with fellow cre web developers, who are members of theBrokerList, to share blog posts and help all of us to stay on top of what innovation is out there. It is our pleasure to have shared an article with the guys at TheSquareFoot and they have […]

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