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Weapons of Mass Distraction

Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, we’ve all heard the term Weapons of Mass Destruction, or WMD thrown around quite a bit… but let’s talk about a different type of WMD – Weapons of Mass Distraction!  My last post; 1000 LB Bombs, Trust and Commercial Real Estate, touched on how I’ve found myself wasting […]


1000 LB Bombs, Trust and Commercial Real Estate

1000 LB Bombs, Trust and Commercial Real Estate It’s important and necessary to trust a lot of different people in the military – especially when you’re fighting a war.  I developed an amazing level of trust with my teammates in the Special Forces, which allowed us to operate at an extremely high level in difficult […]


3 Things That Climbing Mount St. Helens Taught Me About #CRE

I recently traveled to the Pacific Northwest to explore Portland and Seattle, and was really excited to have the opportunity to summit Mount St. Helens while I was there.  It was a great experience, and here are 3 things that it taught me about commercial real estate: 1. Pre-Diligence is Important Prior to this trip, […]


Top 10 Growing Trends for CRE in 2014

I truly believe there are many more trends than 10, but as a start into 2014, I thought a top 10 list was in order! These trends come from my observations of our tBL members and from feedback from our valued Marketplace Partners. I am wishing everyone a wonderful 2014 and remember, share our site […]

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