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What is the #CREMarketing Call?

I get this question so very often that I thought it would be time to answer: What is the #CREMarketing Call? Now we can use this blog to answer the question! So if you are part of the #CREMarketing Call Family, please keep this link handy the next time someone asks you, what the #CREmarketing […]


Shout-Out! ATYPICAL Breaks the Mold for CRE Marketing

The biggest problem with the Cinderella story is it’s been retold thousands of times. Repackage it however you want, at its core, it’s still the same theme and basic plot. A lot of marketing is done the same way. The dressing may be different, but most brands are doing the same things. That’s what Mark […]


Press Releases Are Still Alive: Boosting your Company’s Visibility

This post originally appeared on tBL Member SVN | Desert Commercial Advisor's News Blog and is republished with permission. Find out how to syndicate your content with theBrokerList. Social media today has certainly changed the way the world communicates across the globe. It has been the catalyst to the pop culture phenomenon that influencers and […]


Breaking News – Exciting Partnership Formed with The Content Funnel

Next Step I am so proud of how far we have come as a community here at theBrokerList, but it was time for us to take the next step in the chapter of our online life here. For all of these years I have done all I could to help connect the dots and keep […]


Let’s Have a #CREMarketing Lunch

Well there is a first for everything and we sure did start it with our very first ICSC RECon #CREMarketing lunch 2018. Kristina Konen and Danielle Watson joined me for lunch at a landmark restaurant in Las Vegas during ICSC RECon called the Peppermill! This was the first time I ever met Kristina and the […]

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