CraigsList For CRE (2)

CraigsList HTML Ban Solved for #CRE!

In 2013 we rolled out a feature for our members to easily share their HAVE posts using some awesome HTML Code set up to work with CraigsList as well as any other system that accepts HTML, such as WordPress. Of course, Murphy’s Law kicked in and after our time spent on developing this feature, CraigsList […]


New Feature: Embed Code + tBL = CraigsList and Much More

A huge thanks to one of our tBLers who is just super active on Twitter, Allen C. Buchanan aka @allencbuchanan for bringing us news of Postlets (Zillow) changing its business plan. Postlets, a favorite tool for many folks in commercial real estate, although a residential focused product, is no longer supporting or offering its services […]

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