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Add Klout Badge to My Pitch

Here is a great idea for those using Klout! Why not add your Klout Badge to your profile? It is super easy to do. Visit the  Klout Badge page, copy the code and insert your name in place of the example name! That is it. Once done, simply save your profile. Now when folks find your […]


Are You a Principal with Principles?

The words principal and principle are flying by at top speed. Please look carefully at your profiles and be sure you are using these keywords carefully. Just as a note of information, a Principal is the Owner and Principle is what you believe or stand for!! We want our tBL members to look really good […]


How To Add Your Company Profile

Each member of theBrokerList is entitled to an individual profile. However, if you are the first member of your company to theBrokerList, you should also add your Company Profile as well. Once the Company is set up, other members of your firm may link to this Company Profile, saving time and creating a consistent brand and […]

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